Project Gallery

Curious about what can be made with nalbinding? You can make just about anything! Here's a sampling of the nalbinding projects I've done.

Scarves and Cowls:

Vortex scarf done in Finnish 2+2 with Open Structure work (invented by Amy Vander Vorste)
Knotwork cowl


Graident dyed and spun Finnish 2+2 stitch hat
Hat with cuff in Radmanso stitch

Vests and Sweaters:

Circle vest with knowork edging - front
Circle vest with knotwork edging - back
Doll Sweater
Circle vest with Open Structure Work
Poncho with braided edging

Shawl from handspun and commercial yarns, worked back and forth with twisted edging

Mittens and Hand Warmers:

Handspun Finnish 3+3 stitch mittens
Hand Warmers with Twisted edging done in Finnish 2+2 stitch
Fulled mittens with striped 
Flat top mittens with "primitive" embroidery
Mitten ornament from sock yarn, done in Oslo stitch

Socks and Slippers:

Heavy slipper socks
Slippers with "after thought" heel

Bags and Cases:

Pouch with flap (worked in 1 piece)
Nalbinding needle roll up case 
Nalbinding needle roll up case 
Finnish Stitch bag with carried colors 


Loch Ness Monster Toy
Christmas ornament


  1. Wow, that Loch Ness Monster (AKA plesiosaur?) is amazing! I could probably manage it in crochet, but not yet in nalbinding. (I'm a lot quicker at crochet, but that's probably from doing it since the age of 9 vs 29 for nalbinding) I've only really used Oslo, Norway and Finnish 2+2 stitches; can you recommend some more good ones? My email is elvenswordmaiden at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I did the Nessy from a crochet pattern - so you're spot on there!

      Hmm. Well those are the two stitches I use most. But Sanna-Mari has an amazing stitch directory. Some of the most popular ones are Mammen (under Finnish Family), Danish (under Other), Coptic (under Other) and Åsle (under other). But the Telemark (under Russian family) is lovely too. Hope that's of help!

      -- Amy