Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sashiko Beginner Class at NCFF

The Sashiko Beginner Class at North Country Fiber Fair (NCFF) has been confirmed for Sunday morning from 10am to noon. See workshop listings for more info.  Oh I can't wait!  I know the beautiful patterns will draw people in to learn more about sashiko and the Japanese culture.  I'll be getting the class info and projects together very soon.

You haven't heard of NCFF?  It's our local fiber festival.  Think yarn, wool, sheep, alpacas, mohair, spinning, weaving, felting and all other fiber arts goodness for the Dakotas and surrounding areas.

NCFF Information (links to NCFF Web)

The Homefront

Our summer schedule seems to only have sped up compared to the school year.  Swimming lessons are the big favorite for activities, though we'll see how my son likes scout camp.  (I'm betting it'll be the new fave for him.)

I'm almost done with my Olympus course on Sashiko.  Waiting for the test materials and review of my work.  I'll be going through all the levels they have.

Looking at purchasing a manual treadmill.  Bentos and smaller meals in general are helping with the weight loss but I need to keep exercising!  I've been pacing the basement to walk and jog while relieving the boredom by listening to Japanese lessons.  The constant turning is not nice on knees.  So I'm trying all sorts of things to keep the turning to a minimum or slow it down.

This fall is quickly approaching.  It's just a little over a month until both my young 'ens are in school.  (Yes, my school district is insane as we start school in the best swimming weather...I can't begin to explain with out ranting so I'll not explain.)  I'll be working on my shop full time then.  I'm looking forward to it, but it will be a big change for me, the shop and my family!

That's all the news from here for now.  I hope your summer is fun and less hectic than mine!  What's happening for y'all?

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