Monday, September 20, 2010

Post NCFF and the Need for a Nap!

Whew! I'm back from North Country Fiber Fair.  What a wonderful time!  I love to go up there every year, but this was my first time selling, teaching, and staying the whole weekend.

Two of my friends (Ruth of Spinning Doggies Designs and Meghan of MAB Originals) and I setup shop in the fiber craft fair.   Having 3 of us really helped in setup/take down and booth coverage for when we attended classes and when I taught the beginning sashiko class.  Here's what our little booth looked like.

Booth at North Country Fiber Fair
Sashiko Display at our Booth

We didn't sell terribly much, but did make back the booth fees and hotel costs.  Despite that, it was so much fun.  Getting to see people again, taking classes, learning new crafts, and helping people learn new things were very important parts of the experience for us.  We also took notes of what seemed to work and what we could improve for next year.

The Beginning Sashiko class went very well.  My 4 students were all eager to learn - including a young girl I'm guessing was about 12.  I came back so excited from teaching my class, that the exuberance was catchy. Now we're all planning to teach multiple classes next year and have a booth there again.

The delightful people next to us - Dragon Craft Spindles had awesome spindles (and I succumbed to buying one) and a superb live silk moth display.

The one class I was able to take was the Saori weaving class by Saori Studio FUN, just for curiosity and to try something completely new.  My friend Bobbi had taken this class last year it looked so fun!  Just letting things flow does not come natural to me.  I felt quite proud of my self for just experimenting and seeing what came of random things in my weaving.

Saori weaving class with Dan and Chiaki

Dan (at left most loom) and Chiaki (at right most loom) are terrific and very encouraging teachers. (My big purchase at the fair was the shrug/wrap in blue by Chiaki. The piece called to me and fell in love with the weaving technique.)

My Saori piece with lots of puffies

After a weekend of little sleep, I'm in serious need of a nap!

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