Monday, February 28, 2011

Work in Progress - Sashiko Sampler with 3 Traditional Designs

Striving for perfection.  It's a blessing some times.  Working through beautiful crafts and knowing your hands did the work for the final product is so rewarding.  Sashiko is a pretty simple craft, but perfecting it takes time and practice.  I'm putting in my dues so I can feel more confident teaching, so I'll be ready for the next course when it's available, and so I can help keep this craft alive.

Currently I'm working through a new sampler that I finished designing this week.  Started it Saturday and I'm one third of the way though.  Considering the lack of time I've had to work on crafts - it's good progress.  (Archery, science fairs, game days, etc - can't escape them and that time with family and friends is why I'm a stay at home mom. ;)

I'm working through quite a few samplers of late and wondering what should be the final project to use them and combine them.  Currently I'm thinking a lap blanket.  (I have WAY too many bags - so those are out!)  Adding them into an apron design could be fun too.  Any other ideas?

The PDF version of this Sashiko Sampler with 3 Traditional Designs is available in my shop.  Stitching order instructions are included.

What projects are you working on lately?

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