Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Knitting + Books = Not Crabby

I'm not sure what was up with yesterday.  I did my darnedest to look on the positive side of things - but failed every time.  And it wasn't anything major - just many dumb little things.  Not even studying Japanese helped my attitude.  This is not for normal me.  I'm usually very upbeat and can turn a downer situation on it's ear, to make it smile.

So I turned to knitting and reading "therapy".

Crazy Zauberball yarn
I'd been saving this for a rainy day.

I started the Longitudinal socks with my Crazy Zauberball orange and blue yarn.

Then I also started reading First Shift - Legacy (Part 6 of the Silo Series). (I enjoyed the Wool omnibus - wierd, rather distopian - but enjoyable and an ending with hope.)  I read until I was stupid tired.

Today has been so much better.  Was it the new day?  Reading?  Knitting?  Other mysteries of the universe?

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