Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Experiments: Nalbinding as an Edge on Crochet

During thoughts on planning for fall classes, I had one of those ideas that wouldn't let me go until I tried it. One of the classes I'm thinking about submitting is on pretty nalbound edgings and it occurred to me that nalbinding would make a lovely solid edge on other crafts.

So a sample whipped itself up while dinner was in the oven. I eyeballed the number of stitches of nalbinding I'd need per double crochet stitch - 2 nalbinding stitches to 1 crochet stitch. So far I'm really liking the effect.

Crossing my fingers for more time to experiment tomorrow, for edging knitting with nalbinding.

Have you ever edged another yarn craft with nalbinding?


  1. This can be quite beautifull! I once found an unfinished handbag crochet by my boyfriends deceased grandma. It was made out of white, flat yarn and I wanted to finish ist without knowing anything about crocheting. So i took some light violett yarn an "sew" it together with nalbinding and also edged it. It looks very cute, but now it needs someone (maybe a little girl) to carry it around ;)

    1. I was so thrilled because of your blog, that I had to check my pc files for a picture. And I gladfully found one of the handbag I mentioned. If you want to have a look:
      I forgot to tell, that I also made a little bow with nalbinding an put it on the handbag.

    2. What a lovely way to finish such a cherished handbag. The purple gives it such a delicate edging it's perfect! :)