Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nalbinding Calendar Phone Wallpaper + Projects

It's been a busy (in a very good way) couple of weeks!

An idea popped into my head that nalbinding should have a monthly wallpaper calendar. We'll see if I can keep up with the calendar part, or if I just end up doing wallpapers with nalbinding. But I think it will be a fun project to help promote nalbinding. (I often get asked what nalbinding is. If it's in an image on my phone background I can quickly point to it.)

Link to full size Sunday start version
Link to full size Monday start version

New colorways in the Nordic series: Reindeer and Blue Hour (on 4 ply Classic Fox worsted and Arctic Fox bulky singles) are available in the shop.

Had a blast making some custom orders for some amazing ladies. The calendar wallpaper has two of the needles (redheart and spalted ash). Here's a few more in acrylic. Custom orders for February are open.

Finally got to the more brainless work on my sweater now that I have arm holes! YAY!

And finally I've been catching up on the spinning challenge for the Facebook group "A Spinner's Study". The breed study for January was merino. And since I was dyeing I tossed the wool into the pot for the kettle dye challenge too. (Happened to be on "Blue Hour" dye day.)  I'm late with the spinning, but I did get it done.  Spinning fever over took me and I spun 8 oz of polwarth I'd dyed a while back as a sample to spin in "The Gloaming" colorway. Here's the dry skein. I was spinning pretty bulky so I can nalbind something thick and quick.

I'll leave you with a few questions. :)

What all have you been working on? I'd love to see!

Do you prefer a calendar or regular phone wallpaper?

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